• Yushin Equipment to be Seen Throughout NPE 2015

    Yushin has provided more robots in partner booths at NPE 2015 than ever before in the company's history.

    In addition to establishing that Yushin provides the most highly requested take-out robot equipment, their presence in these exhibits demonstrates the compatibility with virtually every manufacturer.

    Boy W3303
    A Yushin YC-series robot will be mounted on a Boy 35E injection molding machine. The single cavity mold will produce silicone wrist bands to benefit the “Make-A-Wish” foundation. A custom End-Of-Arm Tool will carefully secure the wristband and remove it from the core with a series of carefully orchestrated robotic movements.

    Canon W3717
    Sumitomo is providing a SE220HDZ press, Yushin a RCII-250 series robot and ITW Security and Brand Identity a pad printer and heat tunnel. With the help of a Yushin custom multi-function EOAT the products are married together with Canon’s custom family mold to produce yo-yos that will be available to attendees.

    Fortune W4121
    Yushin’s YCII-150S robot is mounted on a Fortune Vs 130 press fitted with a JP Manufacturing (MA) mold. Magnifying glasses with an integrated handle are demolded with the Yushin products, degated and presented to attendees.

    JSW W2173
    The JSW booth is home to two applications. A Yushin RCII-150 is mounted on a JSW J85AD press. Medical filters will be molded and placed on a Yushin belt conveyor within custom Yushin safety guarding.

    The second application consists of a J450 press and Yushin YCII-400 robot equipped with a two axis servo wrist. This produces a molded part with thin film insert.

    Maruka W303
    A Yushin YC-series robot is mounted to an FCS two-shot press to produce a unique comb. A Yushin YCII-400 robot is mated with a Toyo Si-610V press. A vary innovative 5 gallon bucket will be molded that will leave the visitors thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” Yushin conveyors and safety guarding complete the cells.

    Niigata W1363
    A Yushin YCII-150 robot is mounted to a MD110S press to produce a small, two-cavity lens. Again, a Yushin conveyor and safety guard complete the cell.

    Nissei W1529
    Yushin YC-100 robots are mounted to NEX50 and PNX60 presses to produce parts for a model injection molding machine. Here too, Yushin conveyors and safety guards complete the cell.

    Sumitomo W623
    Micro-molding at its finest. An RC-30 robot and custom EOAT remove part and sprue. You’ll need to look very carefully to see the molded gears.

    IML is at the forefront of molding technologies. See a unique, affordable complete In-Mold-Labeling cell complete with a “double-wing” Yushin robot.

    Toshiba W1863
    Within a 2 second cycle, Toshiba will be molding a two-cavity connector with the assistance of a side mounted SXC-40II High Speed robot and custom EOAT. Simulated ultra-high speed molding will be demonstrated with a Toshiba SX500-36 and a brand new Yushin ultra high speed robot. The HST-600DS robot is making its world premiere. Targeting thin wall, high speed stack mold applications, this optimized design will astound molders with its ultra-fast take-out and overall cycle times.

    Wexco W1903
    Wexco has partnered with eight companies including Toshiba and Yushin to mold “survival boxes”. Join the hunt to find all of the items to fill the box; including a first aid kid, survival whistle, mini-flashlight and more.

    Woojin Plaimum W682
    Woojin has partnered with Yushin to create two complete molding cells. These YCII-series robots mount to TH170S and TB200S presses.